10 Mar

How to Water Your Garden Correctly

Watering is one of the most crucial aspects of gardening. Here are the rules of watering that you must never break.

Watering less often: Watering your flower garden twice a week is more than enough as long as you do it thoroughly. Most gardeners will tell you for free that ensuring your plants are sufficiently watered holds the key to your success.

Early morning/late evening rule: The best time to water your plants is late in the evening or very early in the morning. If you water your garden when it is hot, the soil will drain off the moisture faster than when it is cool.

Ensure the water gets to the roots: Watering is a technique that calls for a great skill. Always ensure the water gets to the roots especially if there is mulch covering the soil. Too little water only covers the upper soil, denying the lower part of the plant water, and this can be dangerous. As you water your garden, also make sure you do what you can to save water. Mulching and planting drought resistant crops are great ways to save water.

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