2 Jun

Mistakes To Avoid As a Gardener

Gardening can be fulfilling yet frustrating. Getting a few things wrong could end up ruining your project which is not a good feeling, especially after putting in the effort and energy. Creating a successful garden, especially if you are new in the game calls for proper research and a clear understanding of what it takes to bring a seed to life. Here are the common mistakes many gardeners make.

Being clueless on the environment: Just like in any other project where location matters, understanding the environment where your garden will be located matters a lot. You have to understand how much sun and light you are likely to be getting to pick the right plants.

Planting annuals only: When it comes to flowers, annuals will always look better compared to perennials. To avoid the hassle of having to start your garden afresh after every season, mix up annuals and perennials. This will save you a lot of time and energy which go into preparing a garden from scratch.

Not knowing your soil type: The worst mistake you could ever commit as a gardener is not knowing what soil you are working with. Talk to a soil expert before planting.

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